Staff and Board

CCWCD is managed by a board of five directors who are appointed by the Park County District Court. Each member serves terms of four years. All members give generously of their time, efforts and expertise.

The current members and their area of representation are listed alphabetically as follow:

Board Members:

Lynne Buchanan, Treasurer: Guffey/Lake George

Lynne has been a Park County property owner since 2006 and became a full-time resident of the Guffey area in 2015. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Coalition for the Upper South Platte. Lynne holds degrees in engineering and environmental health and brings more than 30 years of experience in health, safety, environmental protection and operational excellence within the energy industry to her role on the board.

Dan Drucker, Director:

Dan Drucker has lived in Park County since 1992; involved in local issues since 1994. He helped form the Park Count Water Preservation Coalition in 1996 and the Center of Colorado Water Conservancy District in 1997. In 2010, after thirteen years serving as President of the CCWCD and Chairman of its’ Board of Directors, Dan Drucker resigned to accept the position as the first Operations Manager of the CCWCD. In his spare time, he likes to run his structural consulting firm, D.J. Drucker and Associates.

Chris Fuller, Director and Secretary: Hartsel/South Park

Chris has been a property owner in Park County since the mid 1990s and full-time resident south of Hartsel since 2001.  Having served CCWCD from 2002-2008, Chris returned in 2013 to fill the seat of retiring director Ron Swanigan.  Chris has also been staff for the Coalition for the Upper South Platte since 2003, doubling her dedication to the ecological health of Park County waters and the Upper South Platte Watershed.

Lisa McVicker, President: Fairplay/South Park

Lisa has lived in Park County since 1985. She is an attorney whose practice focuses on transactional law—wills, trusts and estates—and she teaches business law and water law at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Craig Steinmetz, Vice-Chair: South Park

Craig and his wife built their home in Park County on a tributary of the South Fork of the South Platte River in the 1985. He is a general contractor in commercial and residential construction.

Briggs Cunningham, President Emeritus: Bailey/Shawnee

Briggs Cunningham has lived along the Jefferson/Park county Border since 1986, he crossed over into Park County in 1996. Briggs brings his expertise as an engineer at Lockheed Martin to the Board.

Staff Members:

Lisa Barden Brown, Operations Manager:

Lisa has been a resident of Park County since 1996, and she and her husband have owned their home outside of Fairplay since 1997. Lisa has spent more than twenty years working in the ski industry in Breckenridge, is an outdoors enthusiast and is passionate about the rivers and mountains of her adopted home. Her involvement with CCWCD began in 2014, assisting Operations Manager, Dan Drucker, with duties at the Smelter Pipeline Reservoir outside of Alma. Lisa accepted the position of Operations Manager upon his retirement in the fall of 2022. In her spare time, she enjoys hunting for gems and minerals, and is pursuing a degree as a GIA Graduate Gemologist.

Nola Knudsen, Administrative Assistant:

Nola has served the board as the administrative assistant and recording secretary since its inception in 1997. Nola and her husband own Big Timber Custom Homes in Fairplay.

David Shohet, Esquire:

David is a partner of Monson, Cummins, & Shohet, LLC, out of Colorado Springs and replaced Jim Culichia in 2015 as the District’s legal counsel.

If you would like to contact a Staff or Board Member then please EMAIL US and specify which member you would to direct the message to.

Be sure to read all of the Minutes on the web site for the details of our past board meetings.