With its mission to “Preserve, Protect and Defend the Water Resources of Park County,” CCWCD participates in water court cases as an objector when there is a threat to our water resources. Formed in 1997 as an outgrowth of the movement to defeat the pumping of the South Park Aquifer to Aurora, a case known as Park County Sportsmen’s Ranch application, CCWCD assumed a major role in defeating this application. CCWCD also participates in most 1041 Permit Applications in Park County that relate to water projects.

CCWCD is active in developing water resources for Park County citizens and property rights owners for use within Park County. The following is a list of CCWCD’s accomplishments for the benefit of Park County:

1)  CCWCD acquired Smelter Pipeline Reservoir (SPR) located on Mosquito Gulch off of County Road 12 between Alma and Fairplay. In 2014, CCWCD completed the reconstruction of the SPR, which included lining the SPR. The reservoir, which can store approximately 30 acre feet, serves as an integral part of CCWCD’s augmentation plan.

2)  CCWCD purchased approximately 900 acre feet of water from the Bargas Ranch near Jefferson. CCWCD has control over the first 195 acre feet of the Bargas Ranch water rights. CCWCD dedicated 5 acre feet of the Bargas Ranch water rights to Park County for Park County’s uses. The balance of the Bargas Ranch water rights are leased to Centennial Water & Sanitation District for 50 years with a possible additional 50 year lease term.

3)  CCWCD, along with Centennial Water & Sanitation District, built the James Tingle Reservoir. The reservoir is located about 2.5 miles southeast of Jefferson adjacent to Michigan Creek, and CCWCD owns approximately 50% of the reservoir. This reservoir serves as an integral part of HASP’s augmentation plan.

4)  CCWCD and its partner, the Upper South Platte Water Conservancy District (USPWCD), joined together to form the Headwater Authority of the South Platte (HASP). HASP operates a water rights enterprise through which it makes augmentation water available for sale to customers throughout the Districts’ service areas. HASP has two programs making water available for use – a current water sales program and the Blanket Augmentation Plan. Additional information regarding HASP can be found at the following website:

5)  CCWCD, along with USPWCD, have adjudicated three different blanket augmentation plans. Two of the plans allow for the augmentation of structures within the South Platte River basin. The third plan augments that portion of Park County located in the Arkansas River basin near Guffey. HASP sells or leases water to constituents of the Districts under these plans. HASP also administers these plans on behalf of CCWCD and USPWCD. As of 2021, HASP is currently augmenting approximately100 customers, including over 500 structures such as wells, ponds, and stream diversions.

6)  CCWCD and USPWCD have adjudicated numerous water rights throughout the Districts’ boundaries to allow for the operation of the blanket augmentation plans. These adjudicated water rights include surface diversions, storage rights, and appropriative rights of exchange. CCWCD, along with USPWCD, has participated as an opposer in numerous water court applications to protect the water rights of Park County.

7)  CCWCD participated in the enlargement of Chatfield Reservoir and acquired 131 acre-feet of storage in Chatfield Reservoir. In 2022, CCWCD acquired 10 additional acre feet of storage in Chatfield Reservoir. This storage space allows CCWCD to store its excess water and make releases for augmentation in Park County and for the exchange of water to fill reservoirs in Park County.

8)  CCWCD, USPWCD, and HASP have acquired approximately 40 acre feet of consumptive use water adjudicated to the Parmalee and Flume Ditches on Deer Creek near Bailey. CCWCD, USPWCD, and HASP, along with several other water users, have installed a stream gauge on Deer Creek to aid the Division Engineer in administering water rights on Deer Creek.

CCWCD is active in developing water resources for Park County citizens.

9)  CCWCD entered into a lease with the Kenosha Trout Club for the storage of 25 acre feet of water in Lininger Lake owned by the Kenosha Trout Club.

10)  CCWCD and USPWCD have purchased land near Guffey to help implement the blanket augmentation plan for the Arkansas River.

11)  CCWCD purchased two Twin Lakes shares on the Arkansas River. HASP and USPWCD also each acquired two Twin Lakes shares. Accordingly, CCWCD, USPWCD, and HASP own six Twin Lakes shares, which are dedicated to the blanket augmentation plan for that portion of Park County located in the Arkansas River drainage near Guffey.

12)  CCWCD has explored and engaged with numerous members of Park County regarding the protection and acquisition of water rights in Park County.

13)  CCWCD maintains a website for public information and comment it is: centerofcoloradowater. com

14)  In 2020 CCWCD initiated a scholarship awards program for graduating Park County high school students. In 2020 we awarded two $2,500 scholarships. In 2021 and 2022 three such scholarships were awarded.  Please see our Scholarship page on the website for details.

15)  In early 2023, CCWCD had the opportunity to purchase a building in Fairplay owned previously by the Administrative Assistant of the District, Nola Knudsen. CCWCD, the Upper South Platte Water Conservancy District, and the Headwater Authority of the South Platte have offices in the building as well as their respective board meetings and quarterly joint meetings at 548 Front Street. We welcome all patrons.

Please join us at of our Monthly Meetings, 2nd Wednesday of every month at 1:00 pm at 548 Front Street, Fairplay, CO.