Park County Water for Park County

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Why is CCWCD so important?

In 1997, the voters of Park County authorized the formation of a new water conservancy district that would represent Park County to be known as the Center of Colorado Water Conservancy District.

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The voters also authorized a 1 mill levy to support the new District and a 1% sales tax to fund a newly created Park County Land & Water Trust Fund, the purpose of which would be to preserve and protect the land and water resources of Park County.

The voters approved all three of these authorizations in a resounding manner. Thus began the Center of Colorado Water Conservancy District. The service area of CCWCD is all of Park County, including the Guffey area, which is tributary to the Arkansas River, rather than the South Platte.

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CCWCD is dedicated to preserving and protecting “Park County Water for Park County.” To learn in more detail about what we do at CCWCD be sure to go to ‘Who We Are’.